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Engagement Rings: Does Clarity Matter?

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An engagement ring is a beautiful way to show your loved one just how much you care. There are many different types of engagement rings, all offering their own charms. While some diamonds may have the same clarity and cut, no two diamonds are exactly the same. This is largely due to any inclusions that they may have. Inclusions are small blemishes or imperfections that can be found within the stone. When most people think of a diamond cutter they imagine an older man with a monocle looking thing hanging from his eye. That tool is actually called a loupe. A loupe supplies the magnification that jewelers need in order to see any inclusions that may be present. The clarity that a jeweler sees in a stone is one of the largest indicators of how much that stone will cost. There are varying degrees of inclusions, including but not limited to:

Included Diamonds

There are three different levels of included diamonds: I3, I2, and I1. I3 has the absolute most inclusions, which will likely be visible to the naked eye. There are many stores that do not even choose to sell I3 and I2 diamonds since they are quite difficult to get off the shelves once they are there. I1 diamonds are more minor inclusions, though they too may be visible without a loupe. 

Slightly Included Diamonds

Slightly included (SI) diamonds have inclusions that are harder to see, which means they may be located closer to the bottom of the diamond. Since an engagement ring will be mounted, these inclusions are often overlooked unless someone is well trained. SI diamonds are frequently chosen for engagement rings since they do have inclusions, but they are hard to see. This fact makes them one of the best-valued diamonds. 

Very Slightly Included Diamonds

Very slightly (VSI) and very very slightly included diamonds (VVSI) have flaws that are virtually flawless unless carefully studied. Though SI diamonds are the best value, VSI diamonds are the most purchased. They are incredibly clear and beautiful, making them worth the extra money. 

Flawless Diamonds

Flawless diamonds are those with no inclusions. They are incredibly rare, and if you want a flawless engagement ring you should be ready to pay big money. Not many people choose flawless diamonds because of the cost. 

In conclusion, a large indicator of how much you are going to pay for your engagement ring depends on what level of clarity you choose. Take the time to really think about how important the clarity is to you.