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Unique Ways To Customize Jewelry

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When you think about customizing jewelry, there are a few options that generally come to mind. You may think of customizing the color or shape of the setting, or you might think of having the metallic part of the jewelry engraved with a name or date. These are definitely options, but they are not the only options you have for customizing your jewelry. Here are some more unique ideas to consider.

Engrave the Jewelry With a Meaningful Word

Think about the person you are buying the jewelry for, and then think of the ways that the two of you relate. Maybe you met riding horses together. Or perhaps you see each other every week at baseball games. Having a single word like "horses" or "baseball" engraved on the jewelry is a fun option. It may not mean much to a random person that sees it, but the recipient of the jewelry will know its meaning. That sort of secret message can make the jewelry feel all that much more special.

Add a Streak of Colored Metal

If you know the recipient's favorite color, then you may be tempted to choose a jewel in that color. But this can get expensive, and it also limits your jewel choices. Another fun way to customize jewelry with your recipient's favorite color is to just have a streak of that color added to the metal. The streak can go all of the way around the band of a ring, or it can stretch across the bottom of a pendant. Feel free to get as creative as you want here. Most jewelers will use titanium as the colored metal as it takes color well. 

Have the Stone Shaped

Stones or jewels are often shaped as circles, cubes, or maybe even pyramids. However, many jewelers can custom-shape the jewel or stone for you upon request. You could have the stone shaped into a heart to show your love. Or, you could have it shaped into a tiny number to represent the date you met. (Some numbers are easier to do this with than others, so talk to your jeweler to see what's possible with the stone you've chosen.)

Customizing jewelry just makes it that much more meaningful. Talk to your jeweler to see which of these options they can work with. They may even have some additional ideas and suggestions for you based on the type of custom jewelry you are ordering.