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Finding Good Costume Jewelry At Estate Sales

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If you are looking for costume jewelry, you'll be interested in knowing that estate sales are a great place to go to for costume jewelry. Follow the tips listed in this article to find estate sales that are more than likely to offer a lot of costume jewelry and you can spot costume jewelry that's a good buy.

Look for the right estate sale

You can waste a lot of time going to the wrong estate sales if you don't know what to look for. Most estate sales will give you a bit of information about the contents in the advertisement. Even if costume jewelry isn't on the list, the list of the items available can direct you to the best sales. You want to look for an estate sale that has a lot of woman's items. If the woman was middle class, the chances of finding costume jewelry increases.

The estate sale should be held in a middle class neighborhood if it isn't being held at a secondary location. Some of the other items you want to see offered are artwork, crafting items, decorative plates and things of this nature. This lets you know the woman more than likely collected things she liked. Therefore, if there is costume jewelry, there is probably a good amount of it.

Look for the right jewelry

You want to be careful when buying costume jewelry. It's better if you find it for sale by the lot. However, you want to look at the pieces closely and make sure they are quality jewelry and are free of broken pieces and rust. When you see a large amount of jewelry in a pile, it may be tangled. Untangled it and make sure a lot of the chains aren't broken.

It's best if you find costume jewelry with glass beads, these are much better quality and worth a lot more than plastic beads. Sometimes it's hard to tell. Take the bead and lightly tap it on your tooth to see if it is glass or plastic. Glass beads will make solid tick sound on your teeth; just like the sound you hear when you accidentally tap a drinking glass on a tooth. Try to purchase costume jewelry made of real silver.

Most times you can get them down in price at an estate sale simply by asking if they would take less. You may be able to get them down more if the sale is nearing the end. By following this advice you will have a much better chance of coming ahead and getting a lot of estate jewelry at a good price.