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Looking For Jewelry? Why The Local Pawn Shop Is The Best Place To Go

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The average pawn shop is nothing like the Hollywood stereotype. These are not shady places where illegal transactions are taking place. Most are reputable businesses owned by serious entrepreneurs that are the perfect place to find a great deal. One of the best items to purchase in pawn shops is jewelry because it is a commonly pawned item so the selection is always changing. There are many other reasons to consider purchasing jewelry from a pawn shop; here are just a few.

Everything is Genuine

Pawn brokers are often jewelry experts because they need to be able to value the jewelry they take in accurately. Unlike shopping from online auction sites or from private sellers where you are taking your chances, pawn shops guarantee their jewelry is genuine. Because they are a brick and mortar retailer, they cannot just disappear once an item is sold.

Good Quality Items

Thrift shops sell plenty of costume jewelry for pennies because they tend to either receive their items as donations or they buy in bulk at estate sales and auctions. Jewelry is sold or pawned at pawn shops for cash or cash loans. Because it is impossible to make money from junk, most pawn shops choose to only take in high-quality items to make it easier to resell for a profit later, if needed. High-end pawn shops, also known as collateral lenders, offer the most exquisite jewelry brands. These places typically only offer the best of the industry, like Rolex watches, and are a great option for those looking for luxury pieces at a discounted price. 

It is Legitimate

Purchasing from an individual seller is risky because you have to take their word that the item is theirs to sell. Owners of pawn shops rarely take in anything without genuine proof of ownership or, for older items, a clear description of its provenance. If they have any doubts, most will refuse the item or contact the local police department to ensure the item has not been reported missing. They always keep detailed records of where they received their jewelry for their own protection.

Constantly Changing Inventory

Jewelry shops tend to carry the same basic items all of the time with a few new pieces added each season. Shopping at a pawn shop often means an entirely new inventory each week. This makes it an exciting treasure hunt for those who are always on the lookout to add to a collection. If something in particular is desired, many shop owners will notify their regular customers when something comes in that matches their interests.

Some jewelry shoppers know exactly what they want and will accept no substitutes. Others refuse to wear anything once owned by someone else. For everyone else, pawn shops like Desert Jewelry Mart & Coins offer the perfect opportunity to have jewelry they love for much less than retail. It is also a convenient place to go when looking for something new and wanting to get rid of unwanted jewelry at the same time.