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New Trends In Engagement Rings: Colored Stones

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Coming up with a unique, fun, and romantic way to propose to your girlfriend is an important part of an engagement, but the ring you choose is probably a more important element. Engagement rings come in different prices, styles, and types; but, if you are looking for something unique, you might want to consider looking into a colored diamond or gem.

Why choose colored stones?

According to wedding experts, a lot of people are currently looking for nontraditional options in wedding rings, and colored stones are one of the top trends right now. Many couples believe that they have to choose a white diamond for the ring they purchase, but this is not the case. Choosing a colored stone is a great way to be different from other couples, and colored stones can be extremely gorgeous.

What options do you have?

When you choose a colored stone, you can still choose the type of gold you would like for the ring itself. Yellow gold has always been a popular choice for engagement rings, but white gold is also very popular today. One of the most important factors when selecting a type of gold is choosing one that is 18k. This is the best type of gold used for engagement rings, because it looks great and holds up well.

If you already know what color gold you would like, it will be time to move on to choosing a color. There are dozens of options, and you can choose a colored diamond for the ring, or you can choose a colored gemstone for it. Some gemstones are just as beautiful and valuable as diamonds, and they come in more colors than diamonds. Here are some options you could choose from:

  • Pink diamond – If you really want to choose a ring with a diamond but do not want a white diamond, consider a pink one. Pink is very feminine and soft, and it is a very romantic color.
  • Sapphire – Sapphire is a bold and vibrant blue, and this color represents destiny, honesty, and purity.
  • Ruby – Rubies are bright red and very bold too. They represent pure love, honesty, and good fortune.

You can also choose from other gemstones if you prefer a different color, but make sure you know what color your girlfriend would like the best before you buy one.

Giving your girlfriend an engagement ring and asking her to marry you is a day you will never forget, and you can make it a very memorable day by selecting the right ring. To begin shopping for the right engagement ring, visit a jewelry store like Rinehart Brothers Jewelers today.