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4 Tips To Help You Find Gold And Silver in Some Most Unlikely Places

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It is hard to decide where you want to invest for assets and wealth, but you can be sure that precious metals are always good. Gold and silver hold their value and are a place where investors turn when markets are unstable. There are also many different places that you can get gold, such as purchasing bullion or buying jewelry and other items. There are also some lesser known places to find precious metals. Here are some of the less likely places that you may want to look for gold and silver:

1. Finding The Odd Objects That Are Likely Pure Silver

There are many objects that may pass through your hands every day that are pure silver. An example of this is tableware and coins. Sometimes, you can find these silver materials for prices that are well below their value. You can look for silver items in places like thrift stores where these items may be disregarded as old items.

2. Collecting Spare Change And Coinage That Is Silver And Gold

When you go to the store and get a pocket full of change, it may pay to look closer at those coins. Sometimes, old coins can have a high silver content that makes them valuable. Any coins that have a patina on them and are decades old may be worth looking closer at to make sure they are not pure silver. You can set the old coins aside to go through and separate the silver.

3. Dismounting Old Electronics To Process For Small Amounts Of Gold

Old electronics can also be full of gold and silver. The connections in old electronics are often gold and silver. Some of these parts can be easy to process, while some may require an acid bath to remove valuable gold. The older the electronics are, the better because the older items often have a higher precious metal content that makes it worth the effort of removing the metals.

4. Scrummage Through Old Electrical Equipment With Silver And Other Metals

Another place you may want to look is old electrical equipment for industrial or commercial applications. The switches and connections in these devices are often pure silver and can easily be removed. There are also other valuable metals in electrical equipment, such as lead used for weights and other purposes.

These are some lesser known places where anyone can start building their assets with gold and silver. If you want to buy or sell gold for a secure place for your wealth, contact a gold dealer, like Ed's Coins and talk with them about your investment needs.