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Five Hostess Gifts For The Sports-Lover That Will Get You Invited Back Again

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If you will be attending a party, dinner, or function at the home of a sports-lover, bring a gift that reflects this passion. Not only will the host or hostess appreciate the effort, they may be touched by the personal, thoughtful nature of your unique gift.

Five sports-themed items that make perfect hostess gifts are:

1.Tennis, anyone? There are some beautiful glass platters that replicate iconic sporting symbols, like a lush green tennis court. These court-inspired are perfect for serving, dining, and entertaining, and they promise to be a gift that is unlike others that your hostess may receive. These also make the perfect item for a boss or esteemed friend, who loves tennis and who seems to have everything! Check out stores like Studio Margaret for more information.

2.Enjoy a little wine. It is common and courteous to show up at a party or for an invitation with a bottle of wine. Why not raise the bar a bit by bringing a truly beautiful or unique sports-inspired decanter for the occasion? Look for crystal decanters with engraved motifs, symbols, or team logos for a loyal fan of any game.

3.Give something to read. A cookbook is always a great hostess gift, but you can put a sporting-spin on this. Many sporting greats have gone on to create cookbooks, so seek out titles by figures in the sport that your host or hostess enjoy watching. For example, look for cookbooks by marathoner Shalane Flanagan, triathlete and vegan Brendan Brazier, or football hero Jim Natal.

4.Do some tailgating. An inexpensive and fun option is to bring your host or hostess some tailgating supplies, such as cups, napkins, cocktail-stirrers, or favors. Consider a team-inspired apron or oven-mitt for a useful gift that will get a laugh when you give it. Assemble items in a lined basket with a bow to make it even more appreciated.

5.Show your team-spirit. Show your friends that you have some team-spirit by giving the host and hostess a yard and garden flag or wind-sock, inspired by the sport that you all love. These are found with team insignias and logos, so find out who your party hosts watch and enjoy following. These are easily hung outside, in a den, or even at the office to show some team-pride!

Make a lasting impression on your host or hostess with one of these sports-themed gifts. These are the perfect way to bring something different, and to show appreciation for being invited to the event or party. Look for these five sports-inspired gifts to give something that will be used and enjoyed!