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Are You Shopping For A Diamond Ring For Your Wife's Birthday?

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Have you always regretted the fact that your wife's engagement ring was not very impressive? While the ring is probably one of her most treasured possessions, maybe you would like to buy your wife a new diamond ring for her upcoming birthday.  

Perhaps you have already been shopping and have bought her a new diamond ring. If so, maybe it's tucked away in a safe place so you can give it to your wife on her special day. However, maybe you are still looking for the right ring. Read on for some ideas that might help you in your quest.

Select The Style For The Diamond Ring 

Consider the type of jewelry your wife already wears. For instance, if she loves traditional jewelry, she will probably love a ring in a traditional design. If she loves contemporary jewelry, then look for a modern diamond setting.

One idea is to choose an emerald-cut diamond that is just under a carat in weight. The design might include smaller round diamonds surrounding the larger stone.

If your wife loves vintage jewelry, she would probably love a white-gold vintage-style ring that has a diamond set in an intricate design.

For something very modern, think of selecting a bezel-cut diamond ring in a yellow gold crisscross setting.

A diamond multi-row ring with brilliant round diamonds would be a very unique piece of jewelry.

Another idea is to buy your wife an eternity ring that includes diamonds and her birthstone in the design.

Sweeten The Gift With More Diamond Jewelry 

A diamond ring will be a very impressive gift for your wife to open on her birthday. However, maybe you are wanting her to have an additional smaller piece of diamond jewelry to go with the ring or to wear by itself.

One idea is to buy your wife diamond stud earrings. Whether your wife plays tennis or not, think of buying her a delicate diamond tennis bracelet. A very thin, gold choker-style necklace with one single diamond as the focal point would be another good gift. The stud earrings, the tennis bracelet, and the thin choker-style necklace can all be worn both for casual wear and for elegant events. In fact, diamonds can be worn with any outfits your wife owns.

Think of purchasing a good diamond cleaning product. After all, your wife will want her diamond jewelry to look its best at all times.