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Jewelry Store Gift Ideas For A Groom

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If you'll soon be a bride, you might spend some time in advance of your wedding visiting local jewelry stores to buy jewelry that you'll wear on your special day. Many brides choose a new pair of earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet that will complement their wedding dress. As you shop, you may wish to look for a gift to buy your groom. It's customary for people to give their new spouses gifts on their wedding days, and jewelry is a popular choice. A jewelry store will have all sorts of special items that you can buy and perhaps even engrave for this occasion. Here are some ideas.


A necklace can be a special wedding gift that a groom can only wear not only on this important day, but also for many years to come. Jewelry stores have all sorts of men's necklaces that grooms will enjoy. It's useful to know a bit about what your future husband likes in a necklace. For example, many men favor thick necklaces, while others prefer those that are smaller. With several different materials available and a wide range of chain patterns, you'll be able to find a design that you know your significant other will love.


It's possible that your future husband already owns and wears a necklace. In this case, you might not wish to buy another, but you can consider buying a pendant. Jewelry stores sell all sorts of necklace pendants for men. If he is religious, you might think about buying a religious-themed pendant that depicts a cross or another religious shape. Another option is a pendant that your groom can wear for good luck; there are all sorts of good luck pendants available at jewelry stores. You also have the option to engrave a special message and the date on the back of the pendant.

Tie Clip And Cuff Links

Most jewelry stores sell clothing-related items such as tie clips and cuff links, and these can be another good option for your groom. Ideally, you should choose items that the groom will wear on your wedding day. Even if the groom already has a special tie clip and cuff links for this occasion — perhaps family heirlooms — you can expect that these pieces will get lots of future use during dress-up occasions. It's popular to buy a set that features a tie clip and cuff links that match, and you'll find all sorts of different designs.