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Nautical Jewelry Types

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A person who enjoys traveling or who works in a field that is directly tied to the ocean may appreciate wearing some nautical jewelry that reflects their personal or professional interests. Anchors, shells, fish, and boats are some items that may be used to accent pieces that are part of a nautical jewelry line. 


One way to acquire a unique piece of jewelry that is representative of someone's experiences or interests is by purchasing a bracelet or necklace that is designed to display charms. Metal or plastic charms that are each sold separately can be attached to various parts of a bracelet or necklace.

First, a consumer should choose the manner in which they would like to attach a series of charms. A nautical charm may contain a small hook and jump beads that will allow a charm to dangle as it is being worn. A charm may also contain a metal loop along one side of it. The loop can be slid across a necklace chain. This will cause a charm to dangle from the center of the chain.

Themed Items And Custom Pieces

If a vacationer or a charter operator has traveled to many locations, they may want to invest in nautical jewelry that showcases one or more of the places that they have visited. Nautical jewelry that contains themed pendants and other accent pieces may contain the name of a specific destination or some nautical-themed artwork.

An independent jewelry designer may use paint, engravings, and other artistic materials and methods to create unique nautical jewelry. Some designers may use real shells or sand dollars, to create exquisite pieces. A shell bracelet or a necklace that contains an authentic sand dollar pendant will complement shorts, shirts and pants, dresses, and business attire.

A sophisticated piece of nautical jewelry that will be worn during a formal affair may be constructed of solid metal. This type of jewelry may be dainty or chunky and may contain etched engravings. A jewelry set that contains a nautical theme may contain a necklace, a bracelet, and earrings.

Birthstones and other accent pieces may be added to a jewelry piece. If a custom nautical product will be purchased, a consumer can choose the setting or pendant style that a particular jewelry piece will have. A custom piece may contain a unique engraving, which includes a name or a date. Custom pieces are sold through many fine jewelry retailers.